Guitar buying tips


Do you want to buy a guitar? But you are not sure about the size or what to look for. In this article I will give you a few tips on what to consider when buying an acoustic guitar ...


The parts of the guitar

First, let's take a closer look at the parts of the guitar:



 Bezeichnungen der Gitarre



The scale length of the guitar

The scale indicates the different sizes of the guitar. The scale lenght is the lenght of the string that can swing freely when it is struck / plucked (i.e. from the saddle to the bridge).

In the following table I have put together an overview of the sizes with information on body size and age.




Mensuren Gitarre Tabelle

The general quality of the Instrument

Take a quick look at the general appearance of the guitar, note the following points:

- The top and bottom of the guitar must be glued well to the frame

- The paint should not have any bubbles or scratches

- The frets should not be sharp-edged

- If the neck is badly bent, the guitar is very difficult to play





The neck of the guitar

The curve of the neck is shown in the following picture. Under no circumstances should the neck sag as in Figure 1.

But also in the second picture the neck is difficult to play because it is like an overstretched bow.

The 3rd illustration shows an optimal, well playable neck.



 Gitarre einstellen


The best way to control this is to take a look at the neck along the string.




The most important at the end

How the neck profile feels, the sound is omitted and of course the look, you can only decide if you have held the guitar in your hands before you buy it. So go to the nearest music store and try out several guitars.